Our History


Renderings, Plastic straw & pool noodle prototypes begin.


Final functional prototype goes into production. ShotSled trademark & patent are issued.


ShotSled Sales commence & distribution partners are added to the ShotSled team.


ShotSleds can be found in combat sport training facilities across The United States of America.


Our Story

Watching wrestling or MMA from the side lines as a coach or parent can be just as nerve racking as the athlete in the match! How many times do you see your athlete getting to a perfect “shot” but not powering through their opponent? Maybe they do finish…but they compete from their knees working harder than they need to. The idea of ShotSled® was born to focus on the initial power and penetration habits that are often overseen by many athletes and coaches. ShotSled® forces athletes to keep penetrating THROUGH their opponent.


Co-founders Rick Seidman and Joe McMullan started brainstorming about ShotSled® in the Spring of 2017 with plastic straws, hot glue, and pool noodles. After numerous designs, the ShotSled team began prototyping with its domestic manufacturer. Keeping manufacturing local and domestic is something that the ShotSled® team prides itself on. After one year and five months of prototyping and field testing, ShotSled®’s final design went into production. Rick and Joe work out of Bristol, PA, which is located in the “heart” of wrestling country. What once started with many weekend road shows has grown to be a national presence. ShotSled® is located in colleges, universities, high schools, MMA gyms, and youth wrestling clubs across the USA.


ShotSled® is patented.

Meet the Team


Rick Seidman


Rick operates a family business that wholesales commercial flooring products. He has been a part of various domestic and international start-up companies. Rick is an active combat sport enthusiast and a father of a youth wrestler.

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Joe McMullan


Joe works in commercial real estate and was a Division 1 NCAA Wrestler for Bucknell University where he was a team captain and a Freestyle All-American. Joe has been involved with the sport of wrestling for over 20 year and coaches youth wrestling throughout greater Philadelphia.

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